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Occupy: Mad as Hell and Not Going to Take it Anymore

My first post in the politics section of the Huffington Post.

"I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore!" -- Howard Beale, in 'Network'.

Right now, during this particular phase in history, we are watching the word "occupy" transform in definition from it's original "to fill up space," to "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore!"

It is said that the ever growing number of people who make up the social and revolutionary movement known as, "Occupy" are unclear as to what their mission statement is. But, that has not stopped the thousands of people who are occupying public spaces in protest, because in the long run (and that's what Occupy is all about -- the long run) there are thousands of individual stories that make up the anger behind whatever the "mission statement" will eventually become.

It goes something like this:
I'm angry!
My country isn't helping me.
I have no job, and I can't get one.
I haven't had health insurance in years, and I can't even afford a doctor's appointment. Forget about it if I get sick!
I have worked all my life, my unemployment checks are kaput, my life savings has run out and my family and I are about to become homeless.
My house was foreclosed.
I just got out of school and now I can't get hired.
I'm sick and can't afford the medications.
I work a 40-hour week and I'm still struggling to pay the bills.
I can't get hired because I'm too old.
I can't get hired because I'm too experienced.
I can't get hired because I'm too young.
I can't get government assistance because I make a dollar more than what is considered the deep poverty line.
I have nowhere to turn.
The only reason I can stand in an Occupy gathering is because I'm jobless.
And of course, I'm mad as hell and I can't take it anymore.

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viva la voice.

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Yes, We Can vs. Mad As Hell

One can identify with the palpable frustration,  but yelling ultimatums and waving banners doesn't change anything significant.   Nor are we, in our  self-absorption and ego-worship ("I") the cynosure of all things.  While some are flailing about fecklessly  in place exclaiming  "Mad as hell!" others will be MOVING FORWARD  quietly and relentlessly with focus and purpose, guided by "Yes we can."  Those who "can't" will never prevail.   The only question is which of the two groups will  each one of us be in?  The flailers  who "can't" will end up in the dustbin of history, and those who "CAN" will inherit the earth.  It's reality, not what we would like, prefer or can't take, that will determine our  individual and collective fate.

 To use  a sports metaphor,  if  America and/or the West  drops the ball, some other culture/ ethos will pick it up and run with it.  These new victors will NOT care whether the losers are mad, whining or anything else.  Thus, it has been in ages past, and so it will be in our own times and the future.  Meanwhile, "the sun also rises," and, as Faulkner appropriately observed in his Nobel speech, "Man will not merely endure; he will prevail."