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Dec 2012

The other night I gave a book-chat about my Civil War novel,  Grindstone, at Bowdoin College, and the head of the Women and Gender Studies Program mentioned Red Room as an excellent resource for writers. Teaching and living in rural Maine, I find it challenging to remain connected to other writers and writing blogs, especially when storytelling is changing so quickly and in such vibrant ways, far ahead of the publishing industry.  I've taught writing for many years and have three published works, Breaking the Ring (Little, Brown);  Grindstone (Troubadour Interactive); and One in a Thousand, an iPad app interactive ebook co-authored with Ian Coristine (McLellan Interactive Publishing). Although Grindstone is closest to my heart, I was astonished by the transformation of the manuscript of One, a conventional memoir,  into an iPad app with music, photos, and imbedded video. That said, there are few pleasures as rich as immersing oneself solely in the world of words; Grindstone could not be told in any other way.

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