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Published by Historical Novel Review
Donna Russo Morin has written a majestic novel, breathtaking in its prose, and sweeping in its scope, about 17th century Venice at the height of its glory. What left me most in...
To Serve a King
Published by Medieval Bookworm
“…Not only delivered that wonderful atmosphere, but an engaging story with a few twists, lively and sparkling characters, and very solid writing. ..highly recommend this to...
To Serve a King
Published by Publishers Weekly
Genevieve Gravois was raised to be the perfect 16th-century spy and assassin—motivated by Henry VIII to kill the French king, François I, as revenge for the death of her parents....
The King's Agent
Published by Jenny Loves To Read
I loved, loved, loved this book! This story was refreshing and different. With The King's Agent, I felt as though Aurelia and Battista were both focal points of the...
The King's Agent
Published by Broken Teepee
I thoroughly enjoyed this well written, enthralling mix of Renaissance art, politics, the supernatural, Dante,suspense, space, romance and yes - my passion, Michelangelo. He makes...
The King's Agent
Published by Publishers Weekly
In return for acquiring—stealing if he must—great works of art for French King François I, the king’s royal art dealer, Battista della Palla, enjoys the king’s support, and the...