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Fremont, MI
Jan 2011

Donna LaMar is a successful psychologist, consultant, training workshop leader, author, and radio host who has spent thirty years studying and researching the Transcendent Personality (people who rise above their circumstances by using them as an incentive, not an excuse). She has spoken nationally, and her work has been published in Womans World, The Executary, and Parents magazine. She is the cofounder of The Farm: Where Living Things Grow, Inc. -- a unique nonprofit program that uses ecotherapy to help people of all ages heal and grow using plants, animals, and nature. She is active in her community, working to prevent abuse and neglect, including substance abuse. She is co-chairman of Safe and Drug Free Families.


Psychology, working with my patients and the many people who come to The Farm for help

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Counseling, trauma, therapy, PTSD, animals, plants, ecotherapy, rescuing animals, learning, healing, growing, healthy families, leadership, teamwork, heritage animals and heirloom plants, Horticulture