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I hope.
Aug 2009

I started writing seriously at the age of seven. My grade two teacher, Mrs. Chen, had the whole class keep a journal. I wrote a story about dinosaurs that Mrs. Chen deemed “outstanding.” Ever since then, I have been hooked, as well I have been keeping a journal.

I went to journalism school at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada where I graduated with the Marjorie Nichols Award for being the graduating student with the most promise of becoming an exceptional journalist. The monetary donation came from Pamela Wallin who is now a senator in the Canadian government. I have also been nominated for a Gemini Award for work done with the Discovery Channel and have been part of a W Network project “Tell it Like it Is” that won a Hugo Award.

I worked for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and Radio Canada International (RCI) on and off from 1992 to 2007 at the local, national and international levels of both television and radio. I have also worked for the Discovery Channel and Discovery Channel International, Vision TV, the BBC and various publications around the world.

My education continued with a Master of Arts in Media Studies in the communications department from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. My thesis was on the politics of black hair that included an online project called "Salon Utopia."

I have written many books that can be found on this site and bought  online when you look to your right. I have also edited Being Healthy: Selected Works from the Internet and have a CD called “Nine” of radio documentaries done with the CBC and RCI and many of the books are available on Amazon.com and some of them published by Lulu.com. The others are self-published, however featured on Lulu.com. Many of the books are internationally distributed.

I can speak both French and English, a bit of Italian and Spanish, and Mandarin and Greek when my head is in outer space. I have received a Quebecor Documentary Fellowship from DOC Toronto.

I teach at three schools in Toronto: Centennial College, Seneca College and Trebas Institute. My subject areas are reading, writing, broadcast, online and communications.

I truly believe that "with knowledge, equality thrives, that information is critical and that everything is a story." I hope you enjoy this site.


Jean Toomer, James Baldwin, Dionne Brand, Olive Senior, Lawrence Hill, Cecil Foster, Austin Clarke, Toni Morrison, Alice Walker, Terri McMillan, V.C. Andrews, Stephen King, Danielle Steele, Ernest Hemingway, E. B. White, Barbara Gowdy, Rohinton Minstry, Kim Barry Brunhuber, David Chariandy, Michael Ondaatje, Ralph Ellison, Jeffrey Archer, J.K. Rowling, William Zinsser, David McKie, Dr. Catherine McKercher, Dr. Lorna Roth, Dr. Kim Sawchuk, Dr. Martin Allor, Robert S. Boynton, Richard E. Lyons, Patti Tasko, Jacques Poulin, many, many others.

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Reading, Writing, Painting, Sculpture, Internet