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Jun 2009

I'm the author of two historical novels set in first century Rome, The Light Bearer (Berkley/Putnam, 1994) and Lady of the Light (Berkley/Putnam, 2006). The Light Bearer has been translated into German, Dutch, Russian and Italian, was an international bestseller, and was optioned by Hallmark Entertainment for a miniseries. My second novel, Lady of the Light, is the sequel to The Light Bearer, and is also available in German and Italian. The novels center on three historical events: the Emperor Domitian's war against the Chattian tribe; the inauguration of the Colosseum, and Domitian's assassination. I first became fascinated by the ancient world when I discovered Mary Renault when I was growing up; I remember being swept away by The King Must Die. But it was Robert Graves -- with his novels I Claudius, and Claudius the God -- who sparked my enduring interest in the culture and mores of ancient Rome. I've lived in San Francisco since 1971, where right now I'm the copyeditor and occasional contributor to my neighborhood newspaper, The New Fillmore. Currently I'm at work on the third book in the series.

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