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Margaret's Bookshelf: Amorous Woman by Donna George Storey
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Margaret Lane
Midwest Book Review

The difference between pornography and erotic literature is the literary quality of the writing, how the subject matter of human sexuality is treated as simple (and simple minded) lust, or as a complex showcase of desire and behavior. Clearly, by this standard, "Amorous Woman" by Donna George Storey is a work of elegant eroticism as she deftly tells the story of an American woman's love affair with Japan that drew its inspiration from a 17th century classic tale of Japanese 'pleasure quarters' by Ihara Saikaku (whose work was banned by the Japanese government during World War II as a danger to public morality). "Amorous Woman" is a deftly penned tale that also provides the reader with a very special perspective on elements of Japanese culture that is related with a blend of humor, social critique, and literary skill that is impressive from beginning to end. "Amorous Woman" is a well-crafted work of erotic literature that can be confidently recommended to an adult and sophisticated readership.

Amorous Woman