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Which book just got banned in New Jersey? Which gardening book author is accused of plagiarism? What are TV execs scared of more than bad ratings? And why did a mom turn into a library book thief? These and other stories are in The Write Report.
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A recent plotline in The Good Wife bugged me so much that I did some research on the ethical conundrums it raised. When I got no satisfactory answer on my own, I did what every good writer should do – I called someone who knew what they were talking about. In this case, I used (or possibly...
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Which author got a grand jury subpoena to reveal sources? Does Google have an evil plan for all those books it just scanned for free? Why is J.D. Salinger turning over in his grave? What are the publishing titans up to this week in the ongoing battle over e-books? These and other headlines are...
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Which classic is still banned in many countries? Epic fail for Everybody Draw Muhammad Day. Why you shouldn’t fall asleep with your e-reader. Don’t self-publish until you find out this major downside. These and other stories are in this week’s Write Report.
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Why is Amazon suing an entire state? Who’s suppressing whose free speech? Writers have managed to offend which three religions this week? These and other headlines are in this week’s Write Report.
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Need a character? My guest post on The Aspiring Mangaka & Writers Club blog talks about five legal characters who make great witnesses and observers for any genre.Titled The Top Five Characters Who Might Be Watching, the post is about some people operating in the legal system who move around...
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My guest blog on Working Writers this week is called Don’t Make Me Throw Your Book Across the Room: Top Ten Ways You Can Alienate the 1.1 Million Lawyers Who Are Also Readers. If you haven't checked out the Working Writers website, you should pay a visit. It's packed full of great advice for...
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I've been guest blogging! This week I posted a piece about how Desperate Housewives totally messed up pregnancy discrimination. Guest Post on Moniqueblog If you haven't checked out Moniqueblog, it's worth a look. Moniqueblog is run by Monique Jones, a senior majoring in journalism at UAB and a...
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Who’s suing Google now? Who won a libel lawsuit after he insulted his ex-girlfriend? Who’s squeezing booksellers for credit? Can anyone answer how returns will work with the new agency model? These and other stories are in this week’s Write Report.  
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Simon Singh wins huge victory for libel reform in UK, but don’t get too excited. Stan Lee wins copyright suit – KAPOW! Plus, who’s threatening who over copyright? Who posted fake interviews? Who was fired for plagiarism? These and other stories for writers and publishers are in this week’s Write...
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It’s the battle of the publishing titans. Which distributor won’t deal with publishers who are using the agency model? If you run into Prince Charles at the mall, who wants to stop you from blogging about it? Why shouldn’t you get too excited if HBO says it’s going to air your movie at long...
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Will Britain finally reform its libel laws? Will the revisions come in time to save a cartoonist? Will the great new publishing royalty model go down in flames? Will the agency model for e-books be good for publishing companies and authors or will it start a devastating price war? These and...
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Anyone who reads this blog knows I enjoy the courtroom drama The Good Wife. I try not to be hypersensitive when they get things wrong because they do so well. But this week’s episode went off the rails a bit. In the story, a known drug dealer being pursued by the FBI for all sorts of criminal...
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Where the law and literature meet We’re blowing it guys. The public doesn’t understand why copyright is important, so it’s time to switch the message: http://www.publishersweekly.com/article/451848-Publishers_Urged_to_Change_the_Focus_of_the_Copyright_Debate.php Chinese writer sues James...
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I watched What Happened in Vegas over the weekend. I figured with the ever-charming leads of Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher, it was hard to go wrong. The story was light and cute – perfect for wasting time instead of working on my outline. However, the basic plot bothered me throughout. The...
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