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The Good Wife Doesn’t Know Much About Mediation
Everything you need to help your characters navigate the civil justice system. Foreword by TV's Judge Alex. Advice and comments from lawyers including bestseller Brad Meltzer.

Why the heck can’t TV shows get mediation right? I mean, if a comedy like The Wedding Crashers can do it, why not courtroom dramas? Fairly Legal has made a mockery of what mediation is about, but I expect USA shows to be silly. Now comes The Good Wife, and I usually expect better from them. I’m a mediator, and this kind of error hurts my feelings because the writers clearly don’t give a hoot about getting mediation right. Mediation is suddenly popular with writers, so why won’t they find out what really happens in a mediation session?

Getting it wrong

Here’s just some of the stuff I keep hearing on TV about mediation that’s glaringly stupid.

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It's TV


I'm out here in the trenches, dealing with people who believe television represents the "real world," while their lives are "works in progress." Thanks for perspective - and your furor.

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TV and the law

Scary that people learn about the law (or anything) from TV dramas. I'm glad you enjoyed the post. Thanks for letting me know!