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Patriot comes from the latin, patri, which means father. So a patriot is one who loves what the founding fathers of the country established. Were they perfect? No. Did they think the Constitution was perfect? NO. They allowed for it to be amended when and where needed with of course guidlines for how to make an amendment.

Being critical of my country doe snot mean I love it less. It means that I care enough to say, "This can be improved."

I lived in China for four years teaching English. China is a great country. One of my colleagues informed me that he had joined the Communist Party because he wanted to help change things and make improvements in his country and government. He is a true patriot. He loves his country and wants it to be better.

 I loved China and enjoyed working in China. I would go back if the opportunity opened up. Do I love America less? Absolutely not. I had an American flag on my desk and I missed the Star Spangled Banner before baseball games. I didn't hear it sung for ovewr two years. I heard for the first time in over two years at a baseball game in Hawaii. It was great.

There are people who do not love America. Sadly, some for good reason. There are people in positions of authority who have misused and abused  power. I think of the prosecutor who had 17 men in prison, some on death row becasue he lied and faked evidence. None of the men were executed but how can you give a man 15 years, his wife, kids, grandkids, a job and community life back? It isn't possible.

The TSA and Child Protective Services are both agencies that it is not possible to challenge their authority. Adolf HItler had people like that. I will work to see that this authority is reined in.

I want to work for improvements in our country that will prevent things like that from happening. I am a patriot.