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4-Time Cancer Survivor Helps 1.3Million Newly Diagnosed!

ISBN Number: 978-0-615-20180-1

Four-Time Cancer Survivor Releases New Book to Help Cancer Patients.

St. Clair Shores, MI, December, 2008 – A new book just published, offers a truly inspiring story about a young man who faces and defeats cancer (4) four times in a 5-year period.

In This Time’s a Charm; Lessons of a Four-Time Cancer Survivor, Donald A. Wilhelm tells his real-life story from a patient’s perspective about surviving cancer four times. His intent is to give his readers a true depiction of what cancer, and its treatment, is really like. This book gives comfort to those people who are newly diagnosed, and their loved-ones, by shining a bright light of hope on what has traditionally been a very dark area of medicine. He intends his book to parallel an old Chinese proverb that says: “To know the road ahead, ask those coming back.”

Diffused with just the right amount of humor and riveting story line, This Time’s a Charm reads more like a novel than a medical memoir.

Drawn from his five-year cancer career, Wilhelm meticulously describes the physical, emotional and mental journey that most cancer patients will eventually undertake. Through his journey you will witness the growth of his Positive Mental Attitude, (PMA) which he ultimately credits for saving his life.

Available instantly from Amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com/This-Times-Charm-Four-Time-Survivor/dp/0615201806/ref=pd_rhf_p_t_1