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Conquer cold-calling fear and way beyond!
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A reviewer, A reviewer, 11/05/2005

If cold-calling is the part of your job that you put off 'til last (even though you know that cold-calling is what gets the whole process rolling), then reading this humorous, easy-to-read book is a must. It demonstrates clearly that by making the right cold calls, you actually can make fewer cold calls--and your call-to-close ratio will go through the ceiling. Reading this book gave me the tools I needed to re-focus my cold-calling technique, enabling me to move forward in the most well-thought-out, determined manner of my 15-year sales career. I am so busy now that I don't do nearly as much cold-calling as I used to do. That's because each of my calls is planned out to get directly to the decision-makers who will give the green light on the sales pitch. While each chapter of Surath's book contains indispensable pieces of wisdom, the ones that helped me the most were the chapters on establishing immediate rapport, getting the appointment, mirroring your prospect, and asking important questions in such a way that convinces the prospect that you're someone they should be talking to, encouraging them to spill the beans on info that is often impossible to access otherwise: total sales, percent of sales spent on advertising, profit margin, and more. Reading this book enabled me to land my first media sales job and to hit the ground running without looking back. While this book is a 'sales book,” it offers information useful to anyone who deals with the public on a regular basis. It will help you reexamine all those interpersonal skills you learned so long ago, helping you hone them to a finer edge than you ever dreamed possible.

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