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The first of many successful New Year's Resolutions started on 1-1-84
Working on a follw up to "Conquering Cold Calling Fear" My New Year's Resolution is to have it finished in 2011.
Don in the office

Chip and I headed from Palo Alto on Sunday December 31, 1983 in my 1970 green on green Chevy Nova to the NFL playoff game between the 49ers and my Detroit Lions.  I noticed  his  "killer weed" we smoked on the way had a funny smell.  What ever was present caused me quickly to be looking up from the parking lot ice plants.  After coming around, and being led into the game  I recall clearly  being in a zombie like state.   Chip drove home.

Anita, my future wife, who'd dated me for three weeks, had planned our first New year's Eve together. I called upon returning home to ask if she'd visit and keep me company hoping my health would improve enough to go out.  She did. We didn't. I spent the evening in my room throwing up while she enjoyed Dick Clark bring in the new year.  I decided that night my new year's resolution would be to not get high in 1984.

Since Anita didn't take drugs it wasn't as hard as expected.  I made it through easily and then decided to see if I could repeat in 1985.  In 1984 a friend made me a reversable leather and poplin jacket that became my favorite piece of clothing.  For an innocent challenge I announced on my radio show that I would wear the poplin side out all year.  That was hard! Several times I  unconsciously turned the leather side out and was about to wear it when I remembered my resolution.

On January 1, 1986  with my new wife Anita  co-hosting the Morning Drive show on KFJC FM, I finally turned the leather side out over the air to the great excitement of our small but dedicated audience. It felt great both to succeed at my resolution and  finally wear my leather jacket again.

Since then I have successfully gone without meat, fried food, chocolate, beer, soft drinks, bread at restaurants, swearing and a few no longer remembered.  The only time I lost weight was "no the bread at restaurants" year. Then as soon as possible I went to the local Itaalian restaurant with great garlic bread and gorged.

Neither of the two failures involved food. 2010 was the year I was going to work out every day doing push ups amd pull ups. That lasted until May when I injured my shoulder doing too much too soon. It has been sporatic since then and qualifies as a failure.

No gossiping lasted until January 3rd 1993. The first day back to work after New Year's Day I learned of some juicy tidbit and before I knew it was on the phone to Helen Katz with the news. The moment I hung up it occurred to me that I failed. Oh well, I scooped the industry.

I discovered that being serious about resolutions helped develop the discipline necessary to finish writing two books. It may seem odd but  I used the same feeling used in keeping the resolutions when I started to write.  I'm at 41,000 words on my third book and find it easier each time.