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A Prayer


I pray that you will never know

A hurt like that within my soul.

A hungry day, a lonely night,

Or ever have to see the sight

Of oil washed upon your shores,

Or the horrible reality of wars.


I pray that you won’t have to feel

A desperation that makes you steal,

Or a hopelessness from which you shrug,


Because you’ve never had a hug.


May you never know the aches of heart,

When love has been crushed

And can not start



I pray for you so innocent,

Yearning to experience Life…

That yours won’t have to be

Like some who’ve come before,



Who've for the dollar shut Heaven’s door

To make a mockery of freewill.


May you bring hope and never kill

The joy of peace, the peace of Love.


Then never shall you fear the shroud

Of gleaming buildings crashing down

To burning rubble, to a dusty cloud,

Crushed beneath the searing weight

Of humanity’s breath and lifelong hate;


Then never shall you fear the shroud

Of a homeless night or a mushroom cloud.


Dedicated to all who have suffered the blows of human violence and injustice from time immemorial.