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Don Hagelberg's Writings

New World Finn, Vol 12. No. 1. page 8. [Cultural Quarterly in Tabloid Form--28 pages]
Steam-Cleaned The middle aged in their middle spread, sit on the Topmost bench while the pregnant with the aged Sit on the middle bench. Toddlers and the ultra-old Sit on the bottom below. Each bench streams in steam Rising from the dipper's water-drops on the hot rocks. Hottest of the hot on top and barely exuding On the bottom, while the middle bench waves...
New World Finn, P O B 432, Cedar Grove WI 53013
Brandied by Sweets I lived in the M and M HotelOn Fifth and Howard Streets when I gotInto the city waiting for the courtTo grind its beef with meDown into an edible sentenceFor me to eat in the Federal Penitentiary.I didn’t know the bar below the hotel;I bought mine from the grocery storeAt four for a dollar andWhen I was read the verdict,Served a sober 1964-1965...
Kippis, a literary journal; Winter 2009-Volume 1:1 p 36
 "Give a man a fish, he eats for a day; Teach him how to fish and he feeds himself for life Unless collective greed nets all the fish away." -Don Hagelberg, 1987   For My Teacher, The Reverend Doctor, Gustavo Gutierrez   I A South American coastal village five minutes before a fishing co-operative is founded.     The dust of the streets...