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unpublished novel

After a bunch of drafts and revisions I've just finished my 100,000-word literary novel, Elegies in Country Shoebox. 

Here's a quick sketch of what it's about: 

When three-year-old Ophelia stays overnight at grandmother's house she is overjoyed at being awarded the big upstairs bedroom with its huge bed, unaware grandmother's house will be her permanent home. Ophelia grows up in a tiny New England village during the Depression, while her father and mother struggle to survive in a faraway city. Her grandmother, Mémère, the fanatically religious matriarch of the family, intends to save Ophelia's soul. At twelve Ophelia escapes to live in New York with the village pariah. Mémère tries to kidnap her and hustle her off to Canada and gets committed to a mental ward. The grandfather is also committed for his bizarre attempt to dispel her hallucinations. A sudden death in the family forces Ophelia to confront her personal and religious issues and to choose between her growing independence and her likely alienation from the family.