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Ensnared by His Words: My Chaucer Obsession
A quick look at the accounts of Cullen's "eureka moments" in this gripping autobiography can be deceptive. They are not vague psychic intuitions. They arise from an obsessive, long-term saturation in the language and the history of the fourteenth century, in particular the language of allegory. This book recounts the moving story of a life to which this academic journey gave...
Who's Afraid of Middle English
Chaucer scholar Dolores Cullen wants to introduce the English-speaking world to the fun of the Middle English vocabulary. Here is a bookful of words and phrases that most of us know and use every day--movie titles, quotes from Shakespeare, Christmas carols, slogans, old saws--all written in words of Middle English. These are all words we still use today. Only the spelling has...
Chaucer's Pilgrims: the Allegory
Have you ever wondered why Chaucer's pilgrims all arrive at dusk? Dolores Cullen has the answer to that riddle. Learn why there are no married couples among the pilgrims, and no children either. Learn why most of the pilgrims are men (there are only three women). Learn about the two brothers, the broad-shouldered door-crasher, the thin and easily angered one who lives on...
Dolores Cullen, an iconoclastic scholar with something new to add to centuries of medieval studies, examined the religious side of Chaucer in her first book, Chaucer's Host: Up-so-doun, in which she identified the Host of the Tabard with Christ, the Eucharistic Host. Now Cullen turns her probing mind to Chaucer's bawdy side, identifying the poet's own history of scandal and sexual...
 Chaucer's Host: Up-so-doun
Innkeeper Herry Bailly is the host of the company who tell and hear Geoffrey Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales. For those who simply enjoy the entertainment of storytellilng, that's all he is. But read between the lines, and find the central figure of an allegory--the form that challenged and delighted the poet's contemporaries. It is Christ who is the central force and guiding light...