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serendipitous combination

You know how you get an idea in your mind's eye about something you want to make. Well, I thought this piece of colorful fabric would determine a good color scheme for a "quilt." Some people object to my referring to what I make as "quilts" because the filler is something cast off--like an old flannel sheet--rather than cotton batting.

Anyhow, when I sorted out the coordinating scraps from my considerable store of odds and ends, I thought it made a good combination. Not until I had it all together and finished the edge did I spread it out for a real look-see.

I was absolutely delighted! I've made more than a dozen "quilts" over the last several months, but none of the other finished products turned out to be such a pleasing blend of color and design.

Thought you'd enjoy seeing it.


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Beautiful quilt Dolores!  Do

Beautiful quilt Dolores!  Do you sew by hand or machine?  I learned how to quilt by hand but never able to complete one :-(  

Whether you sew by hand or machine, your quilts are labors of love!  I love the color combination!!!

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not works of art

Thanks, Rina. I use a sewing machine. It's a Pfaff 30 that's almost 60 years old. I began making "quilts" out of hand-me-down winter clothes from friends. We had too few blankets and an excess of snowpants and jackets.

With four kids, days were full. No time for fancy sewing. Never got around to learning real quilting. But I enjoy the creativity, nevertheless. 

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Beautiful and Heartwarming!

Hi Dolores,

Wow, It's beautiful, colorful, and delightful to the eyes! I'm glad you shared your outstanding creative talent for us to enjoy, as well. It's heartwarming. :-)




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Dolores, I think your quilts

Dolores, I think your quilts ARE 'real,' as well as lovely.  Thank you for sharing this one.


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What cheerful colours! Well

What cheerful colours! Well done! Quilting is something I've always wanted to learn.  Not really a European thing, sadly.

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how kind

So many cheery words from all of you. It does my spirit good.  [broad smile]

Rachel, the granddaughter who finds homes for the quilts, when she saw this quilt spread out she said, "It looks like stained glass!"  Even the photo does a good job of capturing the colors--especially if you click to see it larger.

Rachel, BTW, is the gal pictured on my Jan 17 entry where she is cozy with the quilt I made for her.

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All those gorgeous jewel tones!  Yes, stained glass, definitely!  Exquisite!

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the ultimate joy

I guess the colors are just captivating. How accidentally wonderful.

My ultimate joy came when my daughter-in-law asked for the quilt. This lady has a passion for color and knows decor, keeps a gorgeous home and is an artist!

For one of my quilts to be part of her home is more than I could have expected.

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I love it!


The colors woke me up!  It's beautiful!  For a long time, I've been thinking of making a quilt with all my kimono scraps, but I never do.    I need to learn from you.  

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Kimono scraps should be splendid for a patchwork quilt.

Do it, Keiko!