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Pasties and mead

It'll be a brief visit to the Red Room tonight. Strenuous day of baking tomorrow. Just finished making the filling for the mushroom-cheese pasties. Thank goodness the forecast is for a cool day tomorrow.

Laid in the supply of mead last week. Musicians have been rehearsing. It's all coming together.

I can hardly wait. If you're near LA, join us in celebrating Chaucer--Saturday, October 29, 5:30, Bonita and Berkeley in Claremont.

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Wow Dolores that looks so yummy!  If I wasn't on the other side of the world I would have popped in to say hello :)

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Well, it turned out superbly--the whole evening I mean.

There were a few pasties left. I have been enjoying them. I'd send you some, Dionne, but they wouldn't travel well.

I'll write more about the celebration soon, but I'm not quite "recovered" from the wonder of it.