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The June 10th Chaucer presentation at the Claremont Library turned out just fine. The delay in this posting is due to the photos not coming through in a timely manner. [But it seems I haven't caught on to how to insert several photos. Maybe next time.]

My helper/transporter arrived on time. He hefted my books and handouts and a pre-sliced poundcake (to serve) into his car. Found a good parking space at the back door of the library. Had plenty of time to set things up in the meeting room.

The weather was perfection. Most people arrived by 2 p.m. A few more came just after 2. Had time to chat with local poets ahead of time. Two friends I especially hoped would come were able to make it. 

The group was attentive. Had plenty of questions after my talk.  The interest carried over to sales of books and Chaucer t-shirts.  Plenty of handouts were taken. That's what they are there for!

I was asked to sign many of the books. All in all, what more could I ask?