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Today is the day!

From today until June 30--I'll send you a copy of ENSNARED BY HIS WORDS free of charge--while the copies I have on hand last.  I'm celebrating my anniversary.  June 17, is the date I got my first book accepted for publication.

 ENSNARED BY HIS WORDS  is the story of my life, my adventure with Chaucer. And I couldn't resist including  pictures of the family after the text.

Just email your name and address to me at Chaucer600@aol.com

Put ENSNARED in the subject box. And that's it. I'll get the book in the mail by July 4. Who knows? Chaucer may ensnare you, too.

Happy my anniversary to all of you,


[I guarantee I will not keep the addresses for later use.]

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Dolores!  Congratulations,

Dolores!  Congratulations, Happy Anniversary and long live Chaucer!  It's June 17 in my side of the world so Happy Father's Day too :-)

What a lovely family you have.  Your children are blessed to have you as their mother!

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Happy anniversary, Dolores!

Happy anniversary, Dolores! May you have many more books published!

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Happy anniversary, and many, many more!

Your post prompted a wreath of smiles for me. Very cool and congratulations once again. Thank you for sharing. Cheers

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Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!

Hi Dolores!

I am thrilled for you! Thank you for sharing. May you be blessed with all good things, and more,  as you brought to the whole world, beginning with your lovely family. :-) XO