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Favorite Books

The Little Prince
The Four Agreements
Pride and Prejudice
The Bourne Identity
The Rack
Anna Karanina
Stranger in a Strange Land
Catch 22
Bridges of Madison County
Little Women
A Tale of Two Cities
War and Peace
Jane Eyre

What I'm Reading

Thin Air

Favorite Authors

Antoine St. Exupery
Dom Luis
Nicolas Sparks
Amy Tan


International travel and work; Russian historical fiction; science fiction; The Little Prince; Nicolas Sparks; Grace Livingston Hill I sailed aboard Lady Ace, a 70 foot ketch-rigged yacht with my family for three years through the Caribbean Islands from Ft. Lauderdale to Venezuela and return. This phenomenol experience gave me the time to write and to absorb my changing environment and the exquisite order of the universe, its beauty and its chaos. I read extensively as we exchanged entire libraries at ports along the way. Sometimes, I had romances; others, WWII espionage and others, classics. The life and death dangers, the agonies and ecstasies of sailing and the challenges of a five-member family living aboard a floating camping trip shaped me as a person whose memories are not found in photographs but rather in word pictures. I spent six months alone on Lady Ace in Georgetown, Exuma where introspection during alone terrors was a life-saving endeavor. I have also known love: parents, lovers, children, friends and love expressed through words and art among strangers. I have felt love deeply such that my core was fired and never forgot. These experiences also shape the characters about whom I write, characters who live life to the fullest and expect everything. According to Amazon.com: "Author to Watch, D. K. Christi" - Amazon.com D.K. Christi's debut novel Arirang, a romantic adventure that spans seven continents, conveys an underlying theme that "life happens when you are planning something else." In Christi's shorter works such as Chalk, The Magic Box, and The Valentine , exclusive to Amazon Shorts , themes of friendship surviving tragedy, love conquering adversity, and the triumph of the human spirit over the hardships of life serve to uplift and inspire. Discover a new voice in fiction and through her stories, perhaps discover something new about yourself. D. K. Christi has  signed with L & L Dreamspell to publish her novel, Ghost Orchid, and two short stories "The Ice Storm" and "The View From The Balcony" in Romance of My Dreams anthologies I & II.  She  also writes for the Southwest Spotlight, a newsprint magazine also found at www.swspotlight.com .