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Chalk, an Amazon Short about friendship
June 1, 2010, Amazon Shorts at Amazon.com will no longer exist.  Just like that, over 3000  digital short stories will disappear into cyberspace unless rescued by their authors and submitted to another venue.  Where will that be?  Amazon. com suggests the short stories, essays and non-fiction...
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April blooming high in the canopy - unique & spectacular
The exotic and mystical ghost orchid at Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary at the edge of the Everglades is blooming three months early! The inspiration for D.K.Christi's novel, Ghost Orchid, the mystique lives on. An Easter and Mother's Day bloom ties in with the spiritual quality of Ghost Orchid for...
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That's what it's been since 2006 when my first novel, Arirang: The Bamboo Connection, was published. I enjoyed writing that book with a passion that is beyond expression. Every minute beyond my day job was consumed with writing, edits, changes, and finally the promotion of the finished 497 pages...
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Mother's love, romance, mystery and intrigue wrapped in a ghost orchid.
A more perfect gift for the upcoming celebratory Easter and Mother's Day could not be found beyond a blooming orchid with a copy of Ghost Orchid, either in print or the gift of an ebook, a very inexpensive alternative to print.  To help with this idea, I had to post a recent review that emphasizes...
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Finding lost roots and a mother's love through the mystery that unfolds, one coincidence at a time.
It suddenly dawned on me that Easter and Mother's Day are on the horizon. I remember when Easter required sweet, orchid corsages with a water vial attached and beautiful Easter Cards to those we loved. We wore new clothes to church, heralding the opening of spring and the the end of a long, cold...
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Family secrets - revealed
I wonder why there are so many broken people when the world if full of good intentions. Many parents are dedicated to the best preparation for their childrens' success in life. Educators provide the tools for knowledge growth and future careers. Books abound for positive thinking and meaningful...
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Follow the Ghost Orchid path to mysteries unfolding
Hold the Presses for this Immediate Release 2-4-2010 D. K. Christi returns to Corkscrew Swamp Audubon Sanctuary in Naples at noon, Saturday, February 13, 2003 to sign the book, Ghost Orchid, inspired at that very location! D. K. Christi's obsession with the ghost orchid of Corkscrew Swamp that was...
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The ghost orchid is the lead character....
It was thrilling to have NPR review Ghost Orchid.  It's always a little unsettling to hear even a hint of something less than stellar in a review, humbling.  I hope you have a chance to listen; Linda's review sounds like the lead into a movie.  Ah, how we'd all like to see our books up in lights...
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One flower: four destinies
Are you familiar with the Preditors and Editors Readers' Poll?  If not, it's a fun and informative web site to wander.  Once a year, readers vote for their favorites in several categories.  D. K. Christi and Ghost Orchid are found in authors, book art, and other novels.  You can vote for them if...
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Mystery and mysticism - a ghost orchid
GHOST ORCHID by D.K. Christi ISBN 9781603181365  Mel, consumed by her love for a man who shares her passion but cannot commit to her, finds consolation in her daily walks at an Audubon Society sanctuary near the Florida Everglades. Her daughter, Neev, raised by foster parents, does not understand...
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  My happiness is defined by “vignettes of joy.”  An accumulation of these vignettes are the balm that protects me from caving under the weight of life’s many challenges, heartaches and downright sad moments.   The beauty of “vignettes of joy” is their lack of limitations.  That moment may be...
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Search for the ghost orchid; find serenity.
I started my morning on a trek through the Fahakatchee Strand in the Florida Everglades in search of the ghost orchid.  I slogged through the water infested with snakes, alligators and unknown creatures.  I watched the canopy for woodpeckers and owls and multiple species of orchids, the ghost...
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Spiritual mystery
Sunday morning is shockingly cold.  Frost glistens on the car; a crust of ice is in the water bottle left in the car. She packs quickly.  A wind whistled through the mountains in the night, stripping the last vestiges of autumn from many trees; it is still blowing.  Her sweat suit might not be...
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Neev searches for roots - and finds them in the Ghost Orchid.
Conncecting with the past seems to be a common theme among my contemporaries.  Those who are writing books and short stories are often telling about their youthful experiences with all the pain of a disfunctional childhood or the sugary memories of youth in the paradise of simpler times. I'm not...
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A mystery --- one coincidence at a time
Do I really want to know?  A relative sent me a story about my great (several times) grandfather who escaped from Elmira prison as a Confederate soldier.  The escape was breathtaking and spellbinding to read.  My grandfather...what else didn't I know about my family history?  I've never thought...
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