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"What is essential is invisible to the eye." The Little Prince
The first day of French class, everyone was speaking French except me.  I managed to enter college without one day of a foreign language.  The professor took a break and the girl in front of me with long, thick dark hair and large brown eyes turned to me and said, "Isn't he gorgeous?...
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Ghost Orchid blooms May - September.  Time to buy a copy.  A great gift for Father's Day.
"Have you checked out your article links to the News-Press lately?  They don't link.  Instead, you are taken to their archives where you can begin the search and pay for the results.  How long have they been charging to view copy no more than a few months old?"  That question...
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Café Rendezvous - a review by D. K. Christi, author and journalist     Tap Dancing All the Way to ‘Omaha Beach’ By Max Jacobson & Ron Jacobson Product Details Publisher:  Tree Fort Productions LLC Published:  March 28, 2012 Pages:  80 Binding:  Perfect-bound...
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University of the Cumberlands owned Cumberland Inn, Williamsburg, Kentucky
Econolodge and the Cumberland Inn –Florida to Michigan on I75 You know how it goes; twenty-five years of tripping up and down Interstate 75 creates a habit or two.  One of mine included Holiday Inn Express.  There’s one at every major exit and points accumulate for a free one now and...
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At least patriotism is alive and well in Bonita Springs.  Today, my mother and I attended my first "Annual Bonita Springs Prayer Breakfast."  I wasn't sure what to expect.  It was billed as non-denominational; but it was certainly oriented toward the Christian faith and the Christian...
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"The Magic Box" I am on my way to the Magic Box. My post office box has been the "magic box" for many years. It never fails: I always have a sense of wary anticipation as I approach the box; almost praying that today will be the day. The day that I learn some unknown, distant relative remembered me...
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What other title will catch attention?  After all, this is a blog about Valentine's Day and nothing else.  I do have a short story at Amazon.com, The Valentine, that you may feel free to read for a very small ebook price.  Now, that's a story about conflict resolution with a happy...
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Once the age of maturity is reached, dating takes on an entirely different flavor.  Let's face it; for women past fifty years of age, the pickins are slim to none.  The reason is simply one of numbers.  Men prefer younger women.  Men die off before women.  Men remarry...
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Positive news is not gone.  In the small towns across the United States, small town newspapers owned by families and small businesses continue to churn out real stories full of facts that shine a positive light on community life.  One such newspaper is the Southwest Spotlight, my new...
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I think I will forget about selling Ghost Orchid books and sell key lime pies instead.  Some very sophisticated research has led me to this conclusion.  One Saturday, I ventured into the arena of the flea market vendors to pitch some "remainders" from a long ago published book.  I...
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I love to look at those giant cruise ships, a city at sea with Broadway shows, shopping malls, rain forests and water parks and outside cabins with patios.  I saw them at the cruise dock in Nassau, Bahamas.  My cruise ship looked like a tender next to them; but my ship had the front dock...
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"No good deed goes unpunished" has been attributed to several famous people, so I will just agree.  When I should be running around, preparing for Thanksgiving, I am in misery with a major case of poison ivy.  I don't know how long this lasts, but so far the Cortizone cream and Benadryl...
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Opportunities to volunteer are everywhere.  As the author of Ghost Orchid, a story of love, lies and redemption set in the Florida Eveglades, I have become an honorary expert on Ghost Orchids and their habitat at Blair Audubon Corkscrew Swamp Sancturary. I have recently learned the limits of...
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It's taken a couple weeks for it to sink in.  My friend's brother was struck by a drunk hit and run driver whose car flew over the curb and onto the sidewalk for a direct hit that took the life of a good-hearted, hard-working little person, my friend's brother. My friend and I have not been...
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At the corner of Felts and Old U.S. 41 in Old Bonita Springs is an unassuming little Florida house and a building next door that houses a plethora of plants, shrubs and a special gift to the community, a butterfly garden.  Take a walk into the past where a small business really cares about its...
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