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I heard a figure today about the number of bloggers, nationally and internationally; and it was too staggering to remember.  It seems that everyone has something to say on the Net these days, me included.  However, only a certain set of blogs receive responses.  NPR's talk show today was about transparency on the Net, whether to reveal all the details of one's life or reserve something private.  The premise for transparency was that sharing everything would bring knowledge to a higher level and people closer together.  I'm not so sure; I remember that "fences make good neighbors."

However, comments added to a blog are very desireable.  Sometimes what I think might have meaning is worthless; and what is a bit of trivia might just trigger something monumental in the life of a reader.  Lady Ace was written in memory and with a secondary  hope:  I would very much like to reconnect with some of the people from the boats in harbor in Georgetown, Exuma, Bahamas in 1988.  Every mornng that hurricane season my voice went across the harbor to friends and strangers, many of whom became friends; and I've only connected again with the sailors from Celebration and Once in a Blue Moon, and that was only briefly.  I often wonder where their travels took them and if they are still sailing, living out their dreams.  We knew each other by the name of  our boat, and boats aren't listed in phone directories. Many were writers; they could be here at the Redroom.

So, I watch the comments stay at "0" and know I haven't found that lost friend yet; but hope springs eternal.

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Reserve a little something, please.

Sorry, I'm not one of the ones you were hoping would comment, but I wanted to give you a "1" - hope I haven't wrecked your zeroness.

I do think fences make good neighbors, and I don't understand why people feel the need to tell all or let it all hang out on blogs or You Tube. Makes me think there are a lot of very lonely people out there with no one to listen to them. Perhaps it’s just full blown narcissism. Sad either way.

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Thanks for the "1!" I think you are on target about some of the bloggers. I wonder if anyone is indexing the multiple blogs and tweets by hard news, daily trivia, personal revelations, celebrity, etc. beyond the tagging.