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What's in a Cover?  I thought when Arirang: The Bamboo Connection was published it had the most beautiful cover I could imagine for the story.  The romance of Greek mythology figures throughout the novel, and the Parthenon on the bright red cover, two gold bamboo rings representing the unrequited love , and the deep red of the Orient combine to intrigue the reader to delve into a story of international travel set in exotic, foreign locations.  The gold rings are the beginning and the end.  It's all right there, on the cover.  At least, it's there once you read the novel, all 500 pages of action, agony and ecstasy.

Amazon Shorts did a great job of quick covers for the short stories they posted at Amazon.com.  Each cover, though extremely simplistic, gave a glimse of the short story found inside the digital reads.   With a couple exceptions (they became busier than the number of staff involved), each cover was unique.  L & L Dreamspell covers on the Romance of My Dreams anthologies call the reader inside.  RJB's windowpane on The World Outside the Window gives clues to the content of the nineteen stories from every genre inside.  All of these covers are good. My short stories fit well between the covers.

This morning, however, the cover for my latest novel, Ghost Orchid, brought me to tears.  Ghost Orchid is an immensely personal story to me because of my own obsession with the ghost orchid blooming at Corkscrew Swamp Audubon Sanctuary in the Everglades.  For three relentless years, I tracked the blooming of the singular, rare and exotic ghost orchid from its first blooms near and on my birthday in July through its third blooming and demise in September.  Each year the blooms were more beautiful and plentiful than previous years, 2009 has been the best yet. 

In 2008, the Naples Daily News reporter actually walked with me on the boardwalk to experience my fascination and put my photo and story in the front page of their Neopolitan section among other people equally obsessed.  Yes, Susan Orlean wrote about the obsession with ghost orchids in general; but she never saw one.  The ghost orchid of Corkscrew Swamp took possession of my soul and wrote its story.

Ghost Orchid, the most recent novel by D. K. Christi is on the verge of release.  The beautiful Irish girl Neev and the rare and exotic ghost orchid that weaves its magic through the mystery of Neev's quest grace the cover.  A celtic cross blends in the night sky as the tendrils of the ghost orchid embrace one of the stars.  The ethereal beauty that flows through the novel is felt in the grace of the cover's painting.  This mystery of love, lies and redemption unfolds, one puzzle piece at a time, touched by the spiritual quality of the Everglades and the cycle of life represented there.  Of all my covers, this one is my favorite and touched my heart.