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Southwest Spotlight and Quest for the Ghost Orchid
A story that asks the question: Is love eternal? The answer is wrapped in aura of the ghost orchid.
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Corkscrew Swamp yields a beauty - the "super ghost" with twelve blooms.

Many journalists look forward to the day they publish their first novel, while some perfect their news reporting and become famous for their expertise and notoriety, their awards and recognition.  I started out in journalism but took a wide swath through grant writing, edit gigs for major corporate publications and public relations materials.  Then, I wrote novels.  The recent Ghost Orchid was a work of inspiration full of the beauty that so overwhelms me when I visit the Everglades and touched with the beauty of love as I shared my writing experience with my muse.

Southwest Spotlight is a newsprint magazine just under a year old that has a 20,000 distribution to households and racks in well-traveled Southwest Florida locations.  It's an exciting magazine because it tells a story about local events and special places, a story that is enjoyed by people in the local community.  The writers are a combination of journalists and storytellers.  I am one of the contributors.  I'm a member of the Naples Press Club and a writer for Southwest Spotlight among my credits, after I wrote my novel and my short stories.  I write an article monthly.  My first August article? " Quest for the Ghost Orchid."'

The online version is found at www.swspotlight.com . www.dkchristi.com