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I'm reading a modern story about the politics of the Middle East and the military and political personnel among nations who twist and turn in the wind with their attempts to benefit from the turmoil and chaos around oil.  Thus, I could well blog about politics, espionage, secret service and clandestine activity since the author claims to be quite the authority.

However, I am quite interested in his writing about sex.  Three quarters of the novel is dialogue among the characters regarding the military activities and attempted mahem on the way to a world war of frightening proportions.  Never, in all this dialogue is there one tiny reference to anything sensual or sexual unless the mind thinks that war is the ultimate testosterone expression.

Suddenly, boy misses girl to exchange some secret information.  Girl leaves note for boy to join her in her Ritz Carlton hotel room.  He calls her feeling a "thrill" for the first time in years (now, that was very sexy); and goes to her room, a little nervous.  She suggests that he stay with her.  He has a fleeting thought about his wife with whom life together lacks the spark he now feels.

The next morning they have a conversation at breakfast that the evening was okay for both.  Period.  There was no gnashing of the teeth, guilt, desire for more, nothing.  She was perfectly happy with her life.  His works for him.  That was it.  That was the whole sensual, sexual, liaison between this attractive man of the world and his attractive woman reporter.  Not one word described the evening from the time she suggested he stay and breakfast.

 I wasn't looking for a steamy romance when I started reading the book that provides some insights into the politics of oil in the Middle East.  However, when he felt a thrill upon reading the note, I did expect more than a brief reference between his staying in the hotel room and breakfast.  Isn't it the men, after all, who want pornographic sexual content?

Therein lies the surprise.  If you're looking for a steamy romance, then you need to read chick lit and vampire romances, the stuff written by and for today's woman.  Who can better describe the intimacy of a woman's true desires than a woman?  Bungling men have tried to write about sex and some succeed, but the women win with their graphic sexual exploits on the written page, hands down.  Even when a woman writer is sensitive to a moral compass that forbids graphic expression of mens' and womens' desires, their words stir a fire in the reader just by intimating that sensual desires might be met through the turn of word, a whisper, a look, a touch, a letter or a brief kiss.

Just as someone expressed to me that the intimacy expressed in today's blogs boggles the mind and might represent a world of lonely people, desperate to share their thoughts with someone, anyone; perhaps the phenomenol choices of historical romance, modern romance, paranormal romance, vampire romance, contemporary romance, erotica and more (just a few genre examples from L & L Dreamspell) are indications of a world of women who likewise find their sexual expression in writing and reading rather than in a relationship.

Of course, the beauty of writing is that the imagination is free to travel unfettered by the rules of society with a freedom of expression not always found in reality.