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Dunns River Falls - A Challenge a Minute

I found a new toy!  I'm caught between writing and playing.  Jingproject.com is a free piece of a larger piece of software that allows me to capture anything from my screen into a video.  Just like that!  Pull down their little sun, park it on my screen, and presto!  I have a five minute only video.  I can use free stock photography, free stock music, and my own collection of photography, music and video clips.  I can add my own video cam shots with a mini-cam and my own or anyone's voice with a mike.  Five minutes is plenty.  I am losing sleep, working toward the perfect five minutes.  For a very small amount of money, less than a meal in a family restaurant, an upgrade assists with uploading the little magic clips to anywhere on the internet.  Of course, it's addictive; and for the true mini clip addict, I believe they have the deluxe version.

I first stumbled on this little gem as a teaching tool, a way to capture pieces of lessons that are repeated ad nauseum and make them available to students at home, at their leisure and any place they access the internet.  All the previous software I have attempted was just too involved for me to spend the learning curve time.  This one is instant.  For authors who might want to make their own book trailers, five minutes and it's done.  Well, not five minutes for me.  I discovered the software yesterday, and I'm still clicking that sun and seeking perfection.  The teacher in me has to share when I find something so inexpensive, useful and fun!