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Film Producer Rob Reiner, "Movies on this planet."
A mystery of love, lies and redemption wrapped in the mystical aura of the ghost orchid.
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Film Producer Rob Reiner, “Movies on this planet”


“I prefer to make movies about people on this planet.”  Rob Reiner responded with his winning smile to a small cadre of press/media reps assembled in an intimate gathering to ask a few questions that might not be part of the everyday media.  The occasion was the AARP Conference, September 30-October 2 in Orlando, a national gathering of the over 50 set and a magnificent line up of celebrities to educate and entertain.  This response was in regard to whether he would be making any movies like Avatar.


As a member of the press/media corps, I asked him about his environmental interests:  “I recently spent time in Africa where I was impressed by the way in which animals respond to each other and their environment without attempting to manage it.  We try to manage ours.  Perhaps if we took some lessons from the animal world, we might live in better harmony.  I consider the environment the number one issue facing us today.  Yes, the other issues are sexier and take center stage; they get more press; but the reality is that unless we protect the environment in which we live, eventually, nothing else will matter.  Unless – maybe our purpose is to destroy the environment to make room for something new…”


He has been a participant in many global environmental initiatives.  He puts action to his words.


I inquired whether he planned to incorporate his environmental goals in his movies.  “Not by design.  The story is the priority.  However, two of my concerns  were the political issues in American President.”  He does prefer producing movies about real people with whom the audience identifies.  Convincing studios that a movie without the high adrenalin violence and action scenes  that audiences seem to choose will be a money maker has to rest on his success track record.  His next movie, Flipped, is another human interest story that touches the heart.  He was quite candid that what the audience pays to see dictates the movies produced.  So far, he has winners.


He also believes that 3D and digital movies, available on all electronic media anywhere, will not replace the desire to enjoy a movie night out, a shared experience in a theater.


One bit that I didn’t know, the actor saying the famous line in When Harry Met Sally, “I’ll have what she’s having,” was his mother.  He told about filming that scene and the fun getting it “just right” with his mother present.  Think about that one...


I thoroughly enjoyed  the brief conversation.  It was like sitting across the table with a new friend.  I look forward to his new movie.   His productions always leave me with a haunting thought or two…I’m still knocking off items on my bucket list. 


More celebrity blogs to follow – Whoopi Goldberg next…