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Congress: Public Enemy #1

Congress has been behaving like a bunch of toddlers: throwing sand, throwing talking tantrums, and shutting down the government because they will not put the interests of the nation ahead of their own petty political fetishes. Ted Cruz says Americans are overwhelmingly against Obamacare. That issue has been settled, Ted, so shut your mouth.
We have serious problems in this country: raging natural disasters from coast to coast, from the fires at Yosemite to the floods in Colorado plus the fire that devastated the Boardwalk on the Jersey Shore. All of these things cost serious bucks, and the Fed is buying $85 billion of US bonds a month to keep the economy afloat.
We have NO, ZERO, ZIP, NADA long-term strategic plan for our fiscal mess, but dammit, Congress will shut down the economy over the Tea Party’s pin-headed notion of defunding Obamacare. Never mind that the exchanges are opening the day of this post. If there’s ever been a bigger nose cut off to spite a face, I haven’t seen it.
The problem with Congress, specifically the House, is that they are always in campaign mode, ergo, they are for sale. They’ll say anything, do anything, go anywhere, take any money that will insure they are reelected.
The Senate’s problem is that it is a Billionaire Boy’s Club who haven’t a clue about what the average family is going through in this country. The only problems they can’t outsource are the problems with their own health. Need a new car? Go get me one—I want dark blue. Need a new house? Tell the wife to pick it out. Need to exercise? Use the home gym. Kids doing drugs? Put them in that place in Malibu—it’s on speed dial.
Our nation is broke. Flat. Busted. But have we curtailed any meaningful spending? No. We are like the family who feels entitled to have cable TV in every room, rack up charges on the credit card, and continue trips to Disneyland without either parent having a job. Then when we come home, we’re shocked to see the house has been foreclosed on, the cars are gone, and even the computer is gone. Muffy is distraught to lose her iPhone 5, Biff can’t believe his gaming console is GONE! We haven’t even had a budget in four years! Oh, well, la di da.
The Congress is derelict in its duty. It is Public Enemy #1. Our own Congress is firing at random, hitting families, jobs, the economy, all for nothing.

If I had practiced medicine as well as Congress performs its legislative function, you could stack the bodies like firewood behind the hospital.

Their behavior is the Constitutional equivalent of criminal negligence.
Man up, guys. Stop being Public Enemy #1 or we’ll throw the whole lot of you out of office in the next election. A congress of baboons could not do a worse job. They might even do better. Since the National Zoo will shut down, perhaps the primates there could be dumped on Capitol Hill and teach Congress some life skills. They obviously have none.