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Leisurely interview with Peter Hobbs

Here is the first interview I have ever conducted and I am excited to have Peter Hobbs with me.  Peter is a fantabulous person I met when I first joined twitter, and he was kind enough to interview me on his blog http://peterhobbs1.wordpress.com/.  He does loads of author interviews so I thought I would return the favour and give everyone an opportunity to find out a little bit more about him.

So please welcome Mr Hobbs.

How long have you been on twitter?

Gosh, math question right off the bat ~pulls out calendar~ let’s see, my first blog post was September 25, 2011 so it would be about a week before that.  I was using twitter to toss up a link to my eBook and saw that everyone had a blog.  Being the individual thinker that I am, I thought, “Hey I need a blog too,” so I set one up and made my first post.  To answer your question I guess about two months.

How many hours a day would you waste tweeting, sorry, interacting on twitter?

Oh that is like asking an alcoholic how much he drinks a day, you know they will lie.  I spend a couple of hours a night on twitter, and, hoping the Boss doesn’t read this, an hour or so a day at work.

(Sorry, what did you say, I was tweeting)

What kind of books do you like to read?

A wide variety and it seems to have changed with age.  I used to be a big Sci Fi fan, Isaac Asminov and the crowd, then I leaned more towards historical; both fiction and non-fiction, and now I seem to be in the paranormal thriller type genre, but nothing really specific.  My favourite book of all time is Atlas Shrugged to give you an idea of how eclectic my tastes are.

When did you realise you wanted to write?

This one is easy for me.  In high school, I think about grade 10, we had two English classes, one was Grammar and the other was Composition.  I really didn’t care about verbs and adjectives, as you can tell by my writing, but I loved story telling.  I loved book reports and fiction stories that we were asked to write in Composition class.  It was the only subject I excelled in while in High School.

What’s your latest book about and do you have any planned for the near future?

Currently available for Kindle at Amazon is My Life In the Dirt, an autobiographical journey through the first 30 years of my career in construction engineering across Canada and the United States. A story of the characters and situations I encountered. I wrote this for the sole purpose of giving my son something to pass on for generations to come as a, "what did Grandpa do for a living," kind of thing. I didn't want to leave a personal life autobiography LOL, so I thought this was second best. It was never meant for publication and you can tell that by the formatting and editing. I was encouraged by my family and friends to put it up and share it with others. It has been an experience to have a book out there; it really does test your metal as any published author/writer can attest.

I am currently working on a fictional story about how insurance companies reduce their exposure to claims by using rather unscrupulous methods. I should have it done and ready for someone to edit in January of next year.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

I have been fortunate, or unfortunate, enough in my work and personal life to travel pretty much all of the United States and Canada so I would have to say Italy.  My son wants to go there to learn how to become a Chef, and I love Italian food, so makes sense, doesn’t it? Huh? No?

 (That makes sense to me Peter, I’ve been there and it’s bellissimo.)

When was the last time you got drunk?

LOL.  It was in 1997, when I first met my soon to be wife’s Aunts and Uncles at a wedding.  I was a fish out of water, in California for like the second time in my life, around people I didn’t know, loud music, and an open bar, a very dangerous combination for a roughneck like myself.  My wife still relishes in telling people about the look on her Aunt’s face when I proceeded to dirty dance with my soon to be wife on the dance floor, yeah, not pretty.

(Sounds like you should get drunk more often J)

If there was reincarnation what would you come back as?

I have blogged about this very subject, one of my wife’s cats.  Spoiled freaking rotten, fed all day, nothing else to do but make sure they crap in a small box.  Almost sounds like a husband’s  life I know.

If an acquaintance had parsley stuck between their teeth would you tell them?

Oh this is a good question; I would have to say no.

(Note to self – bring a mirror if I’m ever meeting Peter for a meal)

If you were rich would you still work?

I barely work now and I am poor LOL.  No, I would quit the day I became wealthy, and would call in sick for the first few weeks until they figured out I wasn’t coming back.

What do you think is the biggest difference between men and women (aside from the obvious)?

Sense of humour, men have one, women don’t.

(I don’t find that funny)

What is your favourite animal?

An Owl, love the looks of them, so calm, cool and awesome looking.

What’s worse to clean up, vomit or poo?

Oh hands down vomit, I have to leave the room if someone is getting sick.

If you could have a free plastic surgery that was guaranteed to work, would you have it and if so, what would you have done?

Nothing, I believe we just have to deal with what we were given.  Oh wait, that should be rolled into the answer about the difference between men and women.

Do you have any hobbies?

That has changed with age too.  I went from automobile racing to writing, and now blogging and twittering.  For therapy I do yard work.

What’s the best part about being a dad?

It is a tremendous responsibility which is perhaps why I waited until so late in life to become one.  I try and impart wisdom on my son similar to that which my father imparted on me.  It is so difficult nowadays, as any parent knows, with all the external pressures of the media which were never available to many of us when we were young; trying to balance letting him participate in things on line while at the same time warning him of some of the dangers on line.  He is 12 and still doesn’t have a Face Book page, I know, I’m an old fashioned meanie.

Thanks for sharing some info about yourself Peter.  If anyone wants to interact with Peter he is on twitter as @PeterHobbs1 – I recommend it as he is very supportive and is always up for a chat.  Now, I’m off to check my teeth, bye.

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A comment

WOW, I had to change names, but they let me on finally.  Great interview skills Dionne and thanks so much for taking time out of your day to listen to the ramblings of an old fart like myself.

Yes, Jones is Hobbs, a long "red room" story


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Loved it!

David, I mean Peter...mwhahahaa, (a little faux paux from earlier today I'm going to giggle about for a while), is AWESOMENESS.

I would have killed to see the dirty dancing Peter although, like you Dionne, I'm not eating in front of him anytime soon. (I'll make sure to bring dental floss for us)

Great questions Dionne! Always a pleasure to read anything about or from David...I mean Peter. :D

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Maybe this time

Hi Dionne, Maureen, its David.

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Oh yeah. Look at David keepin' up w/the Jones. Totally digging your Hobbs groove there.

(Psst: Dionne, I called Peter David after beta reading a story for a friend w/the main character named David and then having a conversation w/an old coauthor named David. Bwhaha!) Hey, I got a pillow out of it. I wonder what happens if I screw up everybody's names. Baked goods? A new keychain? This could be a whole new beginning of a garage sale!

I had trouble getting commenting privileges too Peter. They contacted me on Twitter after I did the symbol cursing in a convo w/Dionne. I was like whaaa? Lol! Lesson learned? Symbol cursing isn't just for cartoons.

Dionne, honey...you're in for it now. We can comment! Woooo hoooo! :D

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Hey guys! Nice to see you

Hey guys! Nice to see you here. Mr Jones ha, ha, ha! We really discovered the real you with this interview :)

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Well, maybe but....

At least I don't have a pink phone ~looks over at Zencherry~

Really like your blog Dionne, gives us a chance to see some real writing once in a while :)

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You are too kind!  You know

You are too kind!  You know how to get on my good side, don't you? ;)