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After last week’s post on some of the annoying things our men do, I wanted to show how fair I am, and I have allowed, sorry requested, Peter Hobbs to pen a rejoinder.  I have to say, I have some issues with some of his observations (what do you expect?) but if I replied I think this blog could go on forever lol!  Anyway, thanks so much for participating Peter and I’m sure the men out there will agree with you.  So, without further ado, I present Mr Peter Hobbs (claps in welcome).

Thank you, Dionne, for allowing me to Guest Blog on your site today.  I have been an admirer of your writing and blog for some time now, but I could not let your latest post go by without comment from the Male perspective.  You listed 5 Items which I am sure some men may occasionally be guilty of sometimes, but as a rule, men have it pretty tough you know?  Let me just give you five reasons why men have it tougher, and coincidently enough it all relates to living with women.

Number 1 - Directions.  I have never met a woman yet that knows her north from her south, or where the hardware store is in relationship to the back yard, always pointing the opposite way than it actually is.  I attribute this to man’s inborn radar, I mean we had to go out into the wilds and hunt food with our bare hands, to feed the women, so we had to know our way back, didn’t we?  My sister in law gave my brother directions as they drove through Indianapolis all the time she had the road map upside down, enough said.

 Number 2 - Money.  Yes, you knew this one had to be near the top of the list.  Money, now the guys will know what I am talking about.  I am standing in line in the grocery store (modern day equivalent to hunting food as discussed in Number 1) and the woman in front of me had an order that came to $14.97.  Did the woman take out a $20 bill, NO, did she take out a $10 and a $5.00?  Of Course not.  She took out a $10; four $1’s and then rummaged around in her purse for at least 10 minutes to get the 97 cents. You can’t deny this, women do it.  Men, we would just give a $20 and probably forget to get the change.

Number 3 - Bed Covers.  Why is it that the fairer and smaller sex requires about 78 percent of the sheets and blankets?  I thought the bed was a 50/50 proposition.  I continually wake up with my bare butt sticking out of the covers and reaching toward the other side of the bed to pull them back so I don’t freeze.  Of course the inverse of this is true in hot weather, and the man always ends up with the sheets and blankets piled on him during that time of the year.

Number 4 - Parenting.  Oh my, here is a good one.  Women want to be all touchy feely with the kids, you know like when they cut themselves on a rusty old nail playing in the woodshed.  Anti bacterial wipes, Neosporin and if it is not the weekend a possible trip to the pediatrician.  Yes, it is quite an event when a child gets a little nick.  Now when the men are watching the kids, the limbs have to be pretty much broken or the bleeding unstoppable before anything more than a wipe with an old rag is applied. 

Number 5 - Important Dates.  This one takes years off of a Man’s life, trying to keep up with the dates that are seemingly important to the woman.  I have been asked, in no particular order if I remember the following dates:  When did we first meet, what day did you say I love you for the first time, when did I give her flowers for the first time, when did we get engaged, when was our child born, when does the car insurance expire, when is her Mother’s birthday (I still have no idea), and this goes on and on.  Man’s biggest fear is waking up in the morning and looking at their mate and hearing the words “Do you know what today is?”  I have tried to use key dates for pin numbers, passwords to email, alarm code numbers, and so on and so on.  I even got a bit sneaky and had a plaque made for the front of the house saying when the residence was established, “October 17, 1997,” aka our wedding date.  Devious I know, but we have to be, to deal with women.

So there you go Dionne, I stopped at five because I was just responding to your five.  I didn’t even get into the toilet seat controversy (there are two lids you know) and of course moving the car seat to adjust to the shorter person of the couple, and you know who you are.

Love your blog - Peter.

Thanks Peter.  Peter can also be found on twitter @PeterHobbs1 and his fantabulous blog which has interviews, book reviews and blogs about life http://peterhobbs1.wordpress.com/


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A Rebuttal

Ahhh, Peter. This is just too much fun not to respond.

1. Directions: Now while you may claim it is some sort of genetic inheritance, might I ask why it is, that when becoming lost, a man refuses to stop and ask for directions? I imagine our caveman forebearers found their way home but only after they'd gone on the wrong bypass a few times while grumping that they knew where they were going.

2. Money: Yes we may dig around and find the exact change and make all the antsy-pantsies groan and moan behind us of the opposite sex, but we also find a way to make the budget in this manner. I'll admit, the coupons are just to poke the stick though and are saved for exceptional eye-rollers. ;)

3. Bed Covers: Men tend to be sleep-ninjas, kicking and peowwwing at dreamed enemies. We women just take the covers given to us.

4. Parenting: While a man tends to tell a child to 'rub some dirt in it', we've found that child survival rates have gone up due to our cautiousness just a tad. And speaking on babying our children, men lean towards making puppy eyes at the smallest scratch of theirs. :D

5. Important Dates. No, you're right on this one. We have to keep you on your toes someway. I bow out of this particular point and giggle a bit too.


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Well there you go, I got one out of 5 YAHOOOOOOOOOO

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Ok, I have to say something,

Ok, I have to say something, Maureen you've got me going - sorry Peter :) We have to spend the change because you men leave it in your pockets and lying around the house, as if it has no value.  We are just being logical and saving you money :)

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(Nods emphatically and gives you a sister high-five) She's right. Coins are not meant to be paperweights or the jangly tune-makers in the dryer. ;)

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Men and Women Are Individuals

Dionne and Peter,

Entertaining and amusing reflections from both of you on the age-old battle of the sexes, and in this spirit, we all understand the stereotypes are presented in fun only. 

While the typical or characteristic behaviors distinguishing men from women are interesting, important and even humorous, as Peter ably demonstrates here, at the risk of being a "spoil sport" for getting serious, in reality any human relationship is  likely to work out much better for both parties when they relate to each other as specific people rather than as categories.  A sense of humor of the kind in your exchange also helps too!

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Sense of Humor?

Me, no not at all, I was flat our serious about my post :)