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A creepy interlude

Husband and I were in the car, me driving.  I had just helped him move his dinghy and been pushed into a bush, no biggie, right?  We were on our way to a friend's place via a busy road with no lanes in which to pullover.  I felt something delicately feather my ear so I went to move my hair, which I remembered was in a bun and was not touching my ear.  OMG!  The 'hair' that I'd tried to brush away ran on eight furry feet, all the way across my forehead!  Shit, shit!  I flicked at my head to remove the massive huntsman, all whilst trying not to swerve out of my lane or crash into a telegraph pole.  One of my flicks brought success and he flew into the passenger side near my husband's legs, which were now kicking in a mad frenzy.

Both of us were freaking out until we arrived at our destination, my husband, all the while, watching the floor of the car, where the spider had disappeared.  We didn't find spidey again, well not that day anyway.

Night time.  Driving home by myself.  What do I see, but the same forehead stomping spider from the week before, sitting in the middle of my windscreen, inside the car.  Ok, calm, poise, revenge.  I spotted a chunky tissue box on the passenger seat.  I deftly picked it up, and without changing speed or going out of my lane, squashed my hairy protagonist with a box full of silky soft tissues.  I have learnt that I am calm in an emergency and skilled with a tissue box.  To all you arachnid admirers, I will non-regretfully acknowledge that yes, a spider was harmed during the making of this story.


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Good grief!

Dionne, I'm proud of you for your calm and skill. Don't know that I could have had that degree of control while driving. 

I was, I used to say, "inordinately afraid" of spiders as I grew up. Then, one afternoon while I was feeding my second baby, a large spider came across the kitchen floor toward us. I resolved then and there that I was not going to pass that fear on to my children. I stood up, walked over to the approaching enemy--and stomped on him! 

Never again have I experienced my old fear.

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Good grief!

Hi Dolores, you should be proud of yourself!  It would have felt icky to squish the spider under your shoe (I hope you were wearing a shoe!).  At least I had a tissue box between my and spidey.

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I'm delighted to see you as one of my "connections." I'm new here. Don't understand how that happens, but I'm very pleased.

Yes--I was wearing shoes.   :)

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About Fear, Arachnid & Other

Spider Souffle

I’m afraid of spiders

coming back to life

after I’ve eaten them.  


I’m not afraid of dogs,

not afraid of the dark,

but I’m petrified

when dogs bark at me

 in the howling night,

their yellow eyes aglow

and little silver dogtags

tinkling the last song

I’ll probably ever hear.  


 I’m afraid of being

 swallowed alive or

swallowed at all

dead or alive, like a

dish of dogfood or

a big old spoonful

of spider souffle 

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That's a very tasty poem,

That's a very tasty poem, thanks Ron.