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Oct 2011

I'm a Sydney-sider, currently undertaking an Associate Degree of Creative Writing and funnily enough I love writing.  I've written a fantasy novel (unpublished), many short stories and have just commenced a new novel set in this decade.  I am a mother to 2 small children and have just changed careers to a web copywriter/editor and article writer for a friends health/environmental website.  I feel like I've just started living the dream:).  I want to mix with other writers and get my stuff out there and this looks like a good place to start.

If you would like to reproduce or quote any of the content on my blog or stories you must seek permission from me, thanks.


Stephen King has been a big influence, my short stories have cruel people and I love to have a twist at the end.  I am trying to be influenced by any well written, musical prose, although I despair at ever being as good as the writers I admire.

Upcoming Works

Fantasy fiction in a second draft, the original was written about seven years ago.  I'm writing lots of short stories and have just commenced a fiction novel set in the present day.


None, maybe one day, hmm...

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