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My Son's Shoes

Today, I am posting one of my poems, which I wrote when my son Navid suddenly outgrew me. Hope you enjoy reading it.



 My Son’s Shoes



I was going to throw the garbage outside-

And couldn’t find my shoes,

For my son had just come home -

Not alone but with a bunch of other teenagers.

And my shoes were drowned under theirs.


So, I decided to borrow my son's trainers.

But when I slipped my feet into them

Suddenly it hit me that there was enough room

For at least two more feet of my size.


It was as though my feet had entered two edifices gothic

To be instantly dwarfed by their interiors gigantic.

I couldn't move myself, but was glued to the spot

reminiscing the time when

my belly’s room was enough to hold the whole of my son

his feet, his body, his head. All of him.


Now his feet had outgrown mine

Only to find a road where he could create his own footprints.

For mine were no longer big enough to hold his.


Thus one may conclude that

The heavy weight of time

Makes a mother smaller than her children.

And children bigger than their parents.

And a simple pair of shoes can verify

Time’s extinction and existence.



The end







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Simply lovely. m

Simply lovely. m

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Thanks Mary, I appreciate

Thanks Mary, I appreciate your kind response.  Dilruba

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A poetic visual - Simply

A poetic visual - Simply lovely. 

Thank you! 

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My Son's Shoes

Thank you. Heather Villa.  Dilruba

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Quite A Feat

What lovely imagery! I'm so glad you decided to share your poem.

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Thanks Eva! I am glad that you enjoyed it.


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My Son's Shoes

Thanks Eva. I am so glad that you enjoyed it.



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Time, children

... my belly’s room was enough to hold the whole of my son

his feet, his body, his head. All of him ...

Such a miracle we all are. 

Thanks for sharing your reminiscing. I once wrote a poem in that vein  ☼ Must dig it out.

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My Son's Shoes

Yes, life is a miracle but we often forget to celebrate it...

I am so happy that my poem sent you back to your past.

Dig your poem out and share it.

Thanks, Dilruba

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much said

Dilruba, Your poem is like the feet in those shoes. Big statement using so little space.

Finally ordered List Of Offences. Will have it early next week. Looking forward to starting it, visiting the world from which you came, a world I can't really imagine.

------------ Charlie

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still reading

Dilruba, I'm still reading List Of Offences. Slow going because I must read other things at the same time plus other commitments. Also, I'm reading carefully, trying to feel that world without being able to go there. There's something there that I feel a need to understand. Incidentally, I would like to have purchased the book from Red Room but I found their buying process to be confusing in some way. Maybe I'll get it figured out yet because if I'm buying a RedRoom author I'd like to buy on RedRoom. -------- Wishing you all the best ----------- Charlie