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I've joined the blogging world! It's as fun and vulnerable as skinny dipping, so I've been told (the skinny dipping part, I mean.) Please check me out at www.pretty-words.com I would love to hear your comments and feedback. Thanks!
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I was in Dordogne with my family, drinking wine and defying my lack of alcohol enzyme, eating foie gras and feeling just a snippet of guilt, and exploring castles and markets. What a beautiful place. But really, I wouldn't live there. I need my stuff, my stores, and my things. How shallow,...
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I've never had a real celebratory dinner to welcome the coming out of the demon in my head. For years, I've labored in the medical field. Yes, a real job. I know! But as of last April, the decision to let the voices pour on the pages won. That and the support of a wonderful husband really helped my...
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