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Quick Summary: The other day I was sad, so I wrote a list of 100 things that made me happy, and it was so much fun I started wondering if I could come up with five new things every day. I call this The Daily Happy project. I also want to be able to comment to my mama's blog (http://redroom.com/member/aninnymou) directly. I combined these two goals and here I am!

Here is my original list of happies.

1. My brother.

2. Classic poetry.

3. Sleeping with eye masks.

4. Pretending to be a dinosaur.

5. Printing things out. I like to.

6. My bed companions, Blankie the blanket and Ready the monkey.

7. Poking stuff with needles.

8. Being able to see.

9. The part in Legend’s recording of “No Woman, No Cry” when you can hear the crowd join in singing “Everything is gonna be all right.”

10. The whole ritual of snail mail; folding up the letter and sealing the envelope, affixing the stamps, writing the addresses, and opening a mailbox and setting the letter so it goes down like a slide when you close it.

11. Giving people directions.

12. When my hair is soft.

13. Smelling like fruit, or juice.

14. Fresh fruit juice in water, especially maracuyá and mandarina and strawberry juice.

15. Holding feet with Taylor.

16. Playing games for the first time and being really, really horrible at them.

17. My kitty Rosalind.

18. Ganymede’s funky “MROWR? MROWR?”

19. Mama’s Bread.

20. Slicing avocados in half, removing the seed, salting the insides, and eating it with a spoon.

21. The menu at the Hard Rock Café over in the Atlantis Plaza that lists a side of “Smashed Potatoes”.

22. Being clean.

23. Girls who can pull off the septum piercing.

24. Untangling necklace chains.

25. Mango juice that’s so good it’s like mango heaven.

26. The colors and shapes under the ocean.

27. The way things like water and dust affect light.

28. Explosions in the Sky (band).

29. Lying or sitting down on surfaces that weren’t originally designed to be sat or lain upon.

30. Baby anythings.

31. My hella pregnant friend Karissa’s weekly photos of her tum.

32. The words “dude” and “hella.”

33. When things are orange.

34. Stumbling upon Biblical and/or Shakespearian passages that explain phrases I see or use all the time today.

35. Birds taking baths.

36. Having sparkly red toenails.

37. Pictures of people who are totally in love.

38. The taking-off part of airplane rides.

39. The first sight of a beloved landscape, like California or Ecuador, from an airplane window.

40. Packing exactly what I need for a trip.

41. The domino dot freckles on Taylor’s cheekbones.

42. Pretty dresses.

43. Doing things I have no idea how to do.

44. Men who love their mothers.

45. Turning over flat rocks on the beach to find mother-of-pearl.

46. Religious art- and craft-work and stories.

47. That candlelight really does make everyone look extra-beautiful.

48. Loving someone so much that when something is delicious, you share it with them without thinking about it or even asking if they want to try.

49. Seven and multiples of seven.

50. Prime numbers.

51. Punctuation.

52. Studying other languages and finding words that you can already understand because of a common source.

53. Holding onto peoples’ ears.

54. Having so many babies in the Game of Life that you have to get an extra car to hold them all and connect it to the original car with dental floss and tape.

55. Alternative uses for dental floss.

56. Learning intros to songs on the guitar just because they’re pretty.

57. Playing the bass.

58. Climbing things.

59. Fabulous shoes.

60. Walking long distances at night.

61. Songs that are perfect.

62. When funny things happen and you catch eyes with a stranger and laugh together about it.

63. No-sweater weather.

64. Cows.

65. Having a store of random information.

66. Wearing ridiculous socks and making the boys admire them.

67. My stomach; little but squishy.

68. Getting paint everywhere.

69. Learning about human anatomy.

70. Blowing bubbles.

71. Giant trampolines.

72. Dogs that are so huge and fluffy they look like tiny bears.

73. Working as a checker and helping foreign people with our money.

74. Finding the red, yellow, and blue in the States.

75. Naked time.

76. Spontaneous roadtrips.

77. Having a hometown.

78. Goldfishie crackers.

79. Riding bicycles in a leisurely manner.

80. Shamelessly girly drinks.

81. Children’s books that are always wonderful, like “Where the Wild Things Are” and “Love You Forever” and “Harold and the Purple Crayon.”

82. Pet nicknames.

83. Looking different all of the time.

84. Apartments before you move into them.

85. Playing catch with Felipe.

86. Drawing stick figure cartoons.

87. Walking to work with coffee in the morning when it’s cold.

88. When people are on time.

89. When subtitles mistranslate and it’s funny.

90. Donut holes.

91. Using quotes from songs as journal-entry titles.

92. My brother’s laugh.

93. Wikipedia.

94. Blue cars.

95. Spicy chocolate.

96. Proper popcorn popped over the stove with melted butter and salt.

97. The relief of salt water (tears, sweat, and the ocean).

98. Hiding stuff in the sock drawer and forgetting about it until months later.

99. Doing laundry.

100. Discovering minor scrapes and bruises and not knowing how or when I got them.

101. Taylor.

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Your list made me smile and start thinking about all of the things that make me happy. Thank you.

Julie Hooker

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Glad you liked it; I had a lot of fun writing it ^_^


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Nice to meet you,

Nice to meet you, "Dieguito". I had heard about you.Welcome to Red Room. :-)

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Nice to meet you too!  I

Nice to meet you too!  I read your blog every now & then when I check my mom's and see you are Brazilian.  I have a very important question for you that has had me stumped for years:  is it "brasileño" or "brasileiro"??


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It´s brasileiro/brasileira

It´s brasileiro/brasileira :-)

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Thanks!  Now I will be able to introduce people properly instead of just "So and so from Brasil."

My daddy is from Ecuador & it's not wise to advertise being American around these parts, so my friend Lizzy keeps introducing me as Ecuadoreña.  I keep having to explain to her that I am not half-Ecuadoran, half-spider.


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I just discovered you!