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What Feeds Us
Published by The Bees' Knees
ND: Your book What Feeds Us made me incredibly hungry for lush and savory food. Is there a dish or a recipe you would suggest that would ease my cravings after having been teased...
What Feeds Us
Published by Women Writers
The reader realises soon that not for nothing do fat yellow and black bees crawl over the fruit on the cover of Lockward’s book. In a poem entitled, “Invective Against the...
What Feeds Us
Published by Valparaiso Poetry Review
Every taste the tongue seeks and savors — salt, sour, bitter, sweet — even umami, the fifth taste, itself the savory — is summoned forth for us in Diane Lockward’s rich second...
What Feeds Us
Published by Rattle
In this, her second collection of poems, Lockward considers the things that feed her in both the physical and metaphoric sense. Readers will find a sensuous feast of fruits and...
What Feeds Us
Published by Poemeleon
In this book, winner of the Quentin R. Howard Poetry Prize, as in her first collection, Eve’s Red Dress, Lockward is attuned to duality, the dark and the light, the yin and the...
What Feeds Us
Published by Bookslut
Diane Lockward plunges headfirst into her obsession with both words and food in her luscious book, What Feeds Us. The title poem begins: “I brought the things I really need -- /...
Published by Valparaiso Poetry Review
Diane Lockward is a poet who knows how to play. And in Eve’s Red Dress, a handsomely designed book from Wind Publications, she plays with language, with the ironies and delights...
Published by The Pedestal
Eve’s Red Dress reveals modern women’s daily temptations and tribulations in 111 pages of poems, separated into five sections, that speak frankly about subjects such as laundry,...