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Like Seinfeld's Kramer, my husband loves the Price Club. And like Kramer, he tends to overbuy when he goes there. Recently I asked him to pick up a box of Ghirardelli brownie mix. He came home with the above pictured box. I have enough brownie mix to last a few years. But maybe not as these are...
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 Here's the third and final installment of the list of print journals that read during the summer. Again, please let me know if you spot an error. And be sure to check the guidelines for specifics. Most, if not all, of these journals have websites.Reminder of how the list works:**indicates that...
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Here's the second installment of the list of journals that read during the summer. Again, please let me know if you spot an error. And be sure to check the guidelines for specifics. Most, if not all, of these journals have websites. Reminder of how the list works:**indicates that simultaneous...
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Summer is when many of us have more time for at last sending off those poems that have been waiting for our attention. The problem is that a number of the journals on our lists don't read in the summer. However, there are journals that do read during all or part of the summer. Here's Part 1 of my...
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I've heard the prose poem defined as a poem in a box. I have to admit that it's a form I avoided for a long time. I just couldn't bear to give up line breaks. Still, I wanted to expand my repertoire so I kept trying. I achieved a few poems that looked sort of box-like. The lines were long and...
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 It happens to all of us. Rejection. We send out those poems we slaved over. The ones we like best. That we think are really good. Maybe our best work ever. And then they come back to us like wounded puppies with their tails between their legs. What shall we do? Give up? No way. Not if you want to...
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I was notified the other day that Blogalicious has been included in a just-posted list of the Top 100 Poetry Blogs. Yay, for Blogalicious! The list is prefaced by this note: "No longer relegated to textbooks, libraries, and anthologies, poets now have an array of options for reading poetry,...
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This past Sunday was the annual Poetry Festival: A Celebration of Literary Journals, an event that I developed six years ago and have run each year since. The festival is always exciting and fun, a day filled with poetry lovers, poets, poems, journals, conversation. This year was extra special for...
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see the yellow?
Accuracy in PoetryAt the Poetry Salon I recently attended I read my poem "Invective Against the Bumblebee." The poem begins as follows:   Escapee from a tight cell, yellow-streaked,sex-deprived sycophant to a queen,you have dug divots in my yardand like a squatter trespassed in my...
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Poet Hal Sirowitz reading at the 2008 festival
Sunday, May 17, 2009 Poetry Festival: A Celebration of New Jersey’s Literary Journals (and Some Neighbors)12 Journals and Editors: Edison Literary Review, Exit 13, Journal of New Jersey Poets, Lips, The Literary Review, New York Quarterly, Now Culture, Painted Bride Quarterly, Paterson Literary...
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A local magazine, Suburban Essex Magazine, which is distributed to 100,000 homes in my area, has published a lovely article about me and the poetry festival I'm running on Sunday, May 17. Okay, so I'm not quite famous, but still it's really nice to have such a generous piece about me...
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This past Sunday I went to a Poetry Salon at Sondra Gash's house. Sondra holds a few of these readings each year to help support her publisher, CavanKerry Press, and the press's other poets. Sondra has the perfect house for such events, out in the country, on an isolated road, house built right...
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It's true: sometimes good things happen when we least expect them. After completing a 5-day residency last week with third graders, I thought my school work for this year was done. And I was glad. Let the summer begin. But then on Wednesday, just as I was about to make an emergency run to the mall...
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All I hear about these days is Twitter. Twitter, twitter. It seems like everyone is twittering. Politicians keep their constituency advised about hair appointments and dinner plans. News anchors ask viewers to twitter responses to stories. Even Oprah is now twittering. As soon as she signed on, she...
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Nameless trees
Summer walking is officially underway. Every day I can get out there, I will. It's in the 90's so I'm feeling pretty noble. Yesterday I took my camera with me so I could catch the signs of spring before they capitulate to encroaching summer. Some thoughts from my walk: Worst invention of the...
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