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To E or not to E! That is the Question

I need your opinions, whether you read e-books or not. I have seven books that have long been out of print and I’ve now made four of them (Secret Lives, Reflection, Brass Ring and The Escape Artist) available as e-books. Very soon, I’ll have a fifth book up (Fire and Rain).  Now I’m trying to decide whether or not to make my first two novels, Private Relations and Lovers and Strangers,  also available, and that’s where I can use your honest thoughts.


The reason for my hesitation is that they are quite different from my other books. Although they’re not what you’d think of as traditional romances, they have much stronger romantic elements than my other books–particularly Private Relations, which won the RITA award (from Romance Writers of America) for the Best Single Title Contemporary Novel of. . . gulp. . . 1989. I was so young and such a green writer! I am extremely proud of that book as well as of Lovers and Strangers because I know I put my heart and soul into them, but as I said, they are different. Starting with my third novel, Secret Lives, I think my books grew into deeper stories with richer characters and stronger elements of mystery and suspense.

What do you think I should do? Make these two early books available for e-readers or let them stay as the impossible-to-find little paperbacks they’ve been for many years? I’d love to hear your opinions. I know you have them, so bring ‘em on!

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What is holding you back?

If as you say you are proud of your books, and because of that you don't want them languishing somewhere in second-hand bookstores, then bring those babies out of the dark up to where they can be seen and enjoyed.

There's a lid for every pot, and although they may not be as fully developed as your later books, someone is sure to appreciate them for themselves.

What would you be risking?

Sounds like a good idea to me.


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Thanks. . .

for this encouragement!