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Diane, Keeper and Jet

I’ve found the way to keep the dogs with me on the beach: bacon treats in my pocket. As a matter of fact, I can’t get them away from my side, but that’s okay. I love that dogs are allowed loose on the beach here off season, especially since we usually have the beach to ourselves. Those red things around my waist are their leashes in case I need them, but Keeper and Jet are really learning good beach etiquette.


The weather’s been absolutely perfect here this week, unlike the last time I was here with a friend and we were stranded in The Storm that had No End. I’m working on my next book (due in April. Yikes!) tentatively titled The Waif, and John and I had a fantastic brainstorming  session at our fave restaurant last night, Sears Landing. (Between the yummy restaurants for dinner and Just Baked’s cinnamon rolls for breakfast, I think I’ve put on a pound a day while we’ve been here).

But back to the brainstorming. My characters are starting to emerge. I have a long way to go with them and one thing I have to figure out is whether to take the story in a “suspense and danger” direction or stick to ”strictly emotional jeopardy”. Which do you prefer reading?

This afternoon, we’re going to spend some time on the Surf City Pier, which I believe will have a small but significant role in my story. Tonight we’ll spend more time on the deck with my fabulous telescope, as we’ve done every night this week. The moon is as close as my fingertips!

For my bedtime reading, I’m rereading the converted scan of Reflection as I ready it for publication as an e-book. I love that story, but it’s striking me as quite different from many of my other books. Denser, somehow. Very layered with loads of description. Maybe too much for some of my current readers? I’m not going to change it, though, because I personally think the descriptions fit a story that has a setting as evocative as the Pennsylvania Dutch Country.

So that’s what I’m up to this week. I leave you with the view from the second bedroom in our condo. I love this little peek at one of the Operation Bumblebee towers that dot Topsail Island, one of which my fictional Marcus in Before the Storm turned into his home.

Hope your week is going as well as mine!