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A truly Magical Book

Tomorrow, November 4th, is the release of my new book, The Black Ship. It is a truly magical book. Seriously. It actually does magic. You doubt me? You think I’m nuts? Well, I probably am, but I tell you, my book really can do magic.  I’ll prove it to you.

*drum roll and please imagine that the delivery of this next bit is in a loud, ringing voice of authentic prophecy*

The release of my book will cause a sudden cessation of political advertisements, mailings, and robocalls. I swear it. By November 5th, they will suddenly evaporate into thin air. All because of my book.

So that’s it. It WILL happen. Now, you’ve got to admit, that’s pretty awesomely magical. I mean, do you know of any other books that can do that? Don’t you want to read it now?

And now that your interest is hooked, here’s the blurb from the back cover:

Thorn is a member of the Pilot’s Guild, a group composed of those rare, brave souls who possess the magical ability to navigate Crosspointe’s deadly seas. But his reason for living is ripped away when a malevolent master within the Guild betrays him and bans him from Sailing. Then Thorn is kidnapped and forced to serve aboard a renegade ship–unregistered, unmarked, and pitch-black from bow to stern.

The Eidolon is a cursed vessel, and Thorn finds himself battling a mad captain, a mutinous crew, and the terrifying magic of the sea. And soon a series of strange accidents suggests that there is a saboteur aboard, trying to make sure the Eidolon never arrives safely in port. Thorn begins to realize that his kidnapping may have been no mere chance–and that the cargo the black ship carries may seal his doom.

Here’s where you can order it if you’re of a mind to.

And remember, because of this book, you will no longer be subjected to campaign advertising*.  And you thought magic was impossible . . . .

*(Fine Print: it can do nothing about Christmas advertising, alas. Sorry.)