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Writing for Healthy Conversation

As my publish date draws near and the structure of the book is coming to life, I feel reflective, calm, at peace almost.  Aaah, who I am kidding, I feel giddy and so excited.  Can you believe it? I wrote a book. I am publishing a book and it is so exciting.  I finally get to share with others in my own voice the way I wanted to.  I haven’t laid out my suit for Oprah yet.  Nor have I written an acceptance speech for my collection of literary awards and I don’t plan to.  “Critically acclaimed!” “Times Bestseller!” I didn’t get that far. Actually, I went further.  I know that so many of us would like to do well as we offer our work to a world of readers but I have to be a little more selfish about this accomplishment.  “The Conversation that Matters Most,” is an extraordinary accomplishment for me. It wasn’t easy by any stretch of the imagination. I fought off writer’s block, setbacks, and a lot of other distractions (most of which I placed in my way).  So before I receive any praise or criticism from anyone else, I am very proud of myself.  I saw this project through to fruition. Everyone may not understand it the same way, or appreciate it the same, but it was written genuinely and from the heart, which is something that cannot be exchanged for a review.  Over the next few weeks, my blogs will compliment the chapters of the book and offer a little more perspective on my approach. I didn’t want the book to be long.  I wanted it to have substance and personality but not long and I definitely didn’t want to preach.  I just wanted to talk to someone, anyone who would listen about the topics that were on my mind as I’ve seen them affecting others.  And that’s what the book is about, Conversation.  I wanted to write for “Healthy Conversation.” Whether reading, writing, or talking we’d could come together and make some aspects of our lives better. If you have anything you’d like to ask or discuss please do.  I’d love to hear/read from you. 


Upcoming: When no other voice matters

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Very nicely written. I like

Very nicely written. I like heartfelt authenticity DeWitt. Congratulations my friend. Merry Christmas___Michael

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Very nicely written. Thank you

Hello Michael,
Thank you for your comments and very nice to meet you. Merry Christmas to you as well and have a wonderful New Year if we don't talk sooner. Friends indeed.