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Introducing...The Conversation That Matters Most...It is finally here!!!

I have finally published my first book "The Conversation That Matters Most," through BookSurge Publishing. The book is about rethinking your strategies for success when things haven't worked out as originally planned.  We have so much that we can share through our experiences.  We are not alone in our thoughts or actions.  We can reclaim our voice, redirect or vision, and lessen the stumbling blocks we establish in our own paths.  The book is available on Amazon.com among various online retailers. I invite you to become a fan, read about the book's platform via my blog here, as well as share your thoughts.

 Most Importantly, I want to thank all the friends I've met here who have been helping me along this journey.  I couldn't have done this without your guidance, and kinds words of advice.  I follow in your footsteps, want to make you proud, and look forward to discussing new aspects of this journey soon.  Continued success in your own endeavors.  Best Wishes

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I'm happy for you! Publishing is my dream as well, and your book does sound interesting, so I'll definitely check it out. I do have a question, what is booksurge publishing?

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Thank you so much

Hi Shayne,

Booksurge Publishing is now CreateSpace.  CreateSpace is owned by Amazon has allowed me with their service packages to self-publish my first book.  They offer book cover creation, editing services, setting the book up on Amazon and other distribution outlets.  It hasn't been easy but it has been rewarding.  Let's stay in touch and I'll pass along any information and help I've received.

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Thank you so much

Hi Leslie, Thank you for the compliment and support. I have a lot work to do marketing the book so I look forward to talking with you again soon.

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Very attractive cover!

Hi DeWitt!

It's been a minute now but it's great to see you here again. Your wonderful work is finally available! Horray!

How are things going thus far?

I'm on my way in one second to check you out at Amazon.

Take care and keep in touch,Tonya

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The Conversation That Matters..

Hi Tonya,

Things are going okay so far.  I stayed away for a little while so that I could develeop and redevelop my strategy.  I have stayed abreast of all the ongoing conversations.  As a self-published author I know that it's  an uphill battle but I refuse to give into the intimidations of the industry.  I am also trying to balance wanting the book to take off versus the steady long term growth process.  I am very excited about sharing the book and have done some giveaways on Goodreads and LibraryThing.  I too am trying to get reviews and recognition from a national magazine or newspaper, but from my pitches so far, there hasn't been any success.  I repitch again in about a week.  How are things going Tonya? And I will definitely keep in touch


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I agree completely

I've actually just recently purchased a self publishing package from authorhouse.com, which I hope works out well for me, I will find out once I actually finish my book. But staying in touch sounds like a wonderful idea. Thank you so much!