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"Throw the Book at Drew Peterson" -- Excerpts from Dr. Phil
Interview Transcript

Partial excerpt:

“I think Drew Peterson had everything to do with the disappearance of Stacy, whether it was because she ran away or because he harmed her. I think he is a sociopath," Derek says during a taped interview. He gives his impressions of the former sergeant. "He was there to talk about his past, his triumphs, how great of a cop he was, how great a husband he was. When people call him a monster in the media, I think Drew Peterson actually likes it. Any type of celebrity is fine by him, as long as you don’t call him a liar. He doesn’t mind being the villain, as long as he’s the famous villain.”

Derek joins Dr. Phil and Drew in the studio.“Did you come away with a feeling, a conclusion, about what you think happened in this case?”Dr. Philasks.

“I haven’t reached a final conclusion. I’m actually still investigating. His interviews with me did not make him look particularly good,”Derek replies.

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