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Drew Peterson Exposed by Derek Armstrong
"The new book Drew Peterson Exposed, about the former Bolingbrook police officer and his dead third wife and missing fourth wife, is billed as a 300-page news story. And it does have some news."  —Chicago Sun-Times  "Derek should be commended for staging [the lie detector test] under neutral circumstances. It was a fair test . . . I agree with everything."  —...
"Armstrong manages the difficult proposition of satirizing the very genre in which he's writing but not settling for a simple spoof. Like Ian Fleming, he somehow combines over-the-top satire with genuinely suspenseful action. His ear for funny and believable dialogue goes a long way to making this trick possible. Celebrate the upcoming centeneary of Ian Fleming's birth by...
In this darkly humorous thriller, reality television becomes too real when a killer with a message preys on the contestants of America's number one TV show. A high-stakes game is played on the set of a live-broadcast, reality-television show where guests are trapped for six months in a haunted mansion. Thousands of miles away, a psychopath is executed by lethal injection in...