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Why are there economic crises?

Ever ask yourself why there's an economic crisis?

Why are people suffering and unable to afford necessities, many driven into the streets because they can no longer afford to live under the shelter of a home or apartment or single tiny room with dirt as their floor, people forced to hustle, sell their bodies or children, driven to drink and other drugs to escape the awful reality of their world? Why are people who have been perfectly good and hard and uncomplaining workers for years or even decades thrown out of their jobs, discarded like so much dross? When there is so much wealth, so many resources, and so much technical and scientific know how, why must people still be dying from preventable causes like lack of access to good water or access to affordable health care? 25,000 children everyday in the world die from easily prevented causes like diarrhea from drinking bad water. 25,000 a day. Children.

Why are people rioting in Greece in reaction to yet another round of austerity measures? Did all of these people suddenly become gluttinous, eating more than their share, buying things they didn't need and couldn't afford, wastrals of the common resources so that they must now be punished en masse? 

None of this is because average people have caused this to happen. None of this is necessary. It's utterly insane. It's completely irrational. Economic crises are gripping the world and threatening to spread further and deeper because of one reason and one reason alone: we are living in a system called capitalism that only employs people when a big enough profit can be made on it. When there isn't enough profit to be made then the owners of the means of production lay people off and when their profits are being squeezed they squeeze the people to extract more from them. There is no reason for all of this suffering. It's totally unnecessary. 

But of course, this is what the 1% tell us is the way of the world and that this is the best of all possible worlds. Anything else, they say, is unthinkably horrible. Talking about anything else is just plain seditious. They must know what they're talking about. They're the best and brightest, aren't they? If they aren't, then how come they're the 1% and the rest of us merely the undeserving 99%?