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Annapolis, MD and Charleston, SC
Mar 2008

 As a liveaboard, single-handed sailor who gazes over the horizon, Dennis K. Biby (BY-BEE) has difficulty living in one locale for more than a couple of years. He has survived as a naval officer, electrical engineer, software developer, entrepreneur, and more.  While sailing Sun Po about Hawaiʻi and occasionally anchored off Molokaʻi and Maui, he penned (keyboarded) Molokaʻi Reef.

Mr. Biby lives aboard and sails his current boat, Ferrity, on the Chesapeake Bay - for now. Check his main site for news of the next novel in Adventures of Gybe or read more about Molokai Reef.

Upcoming Works

Putting the final touches on "The Last President" and expect to publish it in early 2010.

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