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Hat Daze by daw

To write with the hat on or off is a question to ask oneself everyday.  I even have two other sites devoted to types of days, Hat Daze for the normal writing with your hat on or off and Bad Hat Daze for the days that you just have to have a go at a subject and don't know if it is a hat day or not.  Anyway what you wear on your head may affect what wears on your mind.  For instance if some trigger is being pulled, for me it could be wanting to buy a new truck when I really don't need a new truck; yes that really did happen once before I started to see these triggers, now even my friends watch for them and say "Why don't you just think about it, then if you still want it you can go back."; yes when that trigger is being pulled put on a hat.  For instance, had I known about hats at that time I might had chosen my white hat and rescued myself from the situation; a quick fix hat was needed.  Now when I just start talking too fast and can't help myself converse, which is not how I am most of the time, I need a red hat to just get it out.  Yes, I am manic and out of control but I know it will pass and I know it is not hurting anyone so I just go for it until I can talk no more or until no one will listen. Of course there is the other end of it; as you go down to the valley, for me what I wear on my head, usually black, it just is a reflection; it doesn't really help what wears on my mind.  Those are the days when I need no hat.  I need help; I need a plan.  Tan hats and green hats are happy hats, blue hats can go either way, so can black if you see it that way; a Hat Daze can turn into a Bad Hat Daze if your candidate doesn't win or if your boss gives you the afternoon off when you don't expect it the other may be true; just hope you are wearing the right hat or no hat at all that day.  So when you go out today or stay in today put on or don't put on a hat but remember that whatever you do it will be a good Hat Daze of a Bad Hat Daze because what you wear on your head Will affect what wears on your mind. -daw written with a black hat on (to match my slacks; what a lame reason-must be "normal" today) 

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take a breath, girl.